Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time to Uncloak?

Do you know where you are?  How can it be you are in the same old room yet not at all “in the room”  the same way you once were?  Could it be you are experiencing being here yet not here in some way,  a new detachment, an out of synch feeling, a lack of desire to participate in activities, relationships, or tasks which once brought enjoyment and satisfaction?  Are you somehow not drawn into the drama like you used to be, more an outside observer?  Are you feeling peaceful for no apparent reason?   You are not crazy.  You are not disappearing. You are becoming a quantum human being. 

I encourage you to begin interpreting your reality through the lens of vibration because it is far more able to guide your understanding of what is going on than the vastly outdated mechanistic “black and white” way you have been taught.    Enter the quantum age.  It is long overdue, for its inventions and conveniences  have been all around you for almost 100 years, and the people controlling these powerful technologies have not been eager to share their mechanics with you.  Technology has completely outpaced humanity’s spiritual and ethical capacity to wield this technological power.  The gap has widened exponentially, dangerously, needlessly.   It is time to grow up and not be as a child kept from learning the secrets of the magician.  You are the magician.  We all are.  You may have no interest in knowing how a cell phone works, but you should have every interest in knowing  yourself as a quantum being.  Why?  Because this understanding is where  your power and freedom are.    
Whether a cell phone, microwave, wi-fi, ultrasound, sonar, remote control, radio, or satellite, all are quantum,  in other words, work by operating both in the unseen and seen world – particle and wave.  Do you need proof the signals are real?  Of course not, because you possess devices which turn the unseen (wave) form into something observable (particle).   Did you know that YOU are a device which turns vibration to matter?  You possess a decoding ability that enables you to sense directly that which arrives vibrationally, let’s say as intuition, hunches, dreams, premonitions, visions, knowings, and thoughts.  And through your intellect, will, and  body, you turn these into actions or creations, do you not?  So could it be that you can only do this because you, too, exist as a quantum entity, as both here and not here, as particle and wave?   As you acknowledge the quantum aspect of absolutely everything around you, you will come to accept that you, too, are beyond the physical – both local and non-local, both separate and connected to everyone and everything.  When you realize this, you come to understand that you are never alone and that you are far more powerful and supported than you had ever imagined.   

And you will start to understand that your vibratory signature – or the unique frequency amalgam which identifies who you are as a unique entity is not a constant, but is changing in wonderful ways.   And it is changing because the universe is changing.  We call it evolution, growth, life, maturing, learning.   We and the universe are dynamic, not static.  We are on a deliberate journey.  Your vibratory signature  is changing because the Shuman resonance of Earth is rising, and you are part of the earth.  The magnetics of the earth are weakening, and you are part of the earth.  Every cell in your body responds and attunes to electromagnetic energy, and your consciousness, your vibratory signature does, too.   What does it mean when magnetism drops?  More spaciousness is introduced between particles, density is diluted, freedom of movement increases, less energy is needed to animate matter.  What happens when Shuman resonance rises?  Frequency rises, particles are energized, move faster, travel farther, and sometimes their form changes, such as from solid to liquid, or liquid to gas.   As above, so below, as particle, so wave.  So do you see that you are being freed up – both physically and spiritually for your own expansion and freedom? No wonder the powers that be didn’t want you to be aware of your own quantum potential.  Who you really are is virtually if not literally limitless.  

What does this mean, to step into a quantum awareness of yourself?  It means  that you realize that nothing can ever harm you, not really. I would like to tell you a story to illustrate this point, though it is of a real time and of real persons who lived in the time of the darkness when the divine feminine was persecuted, and the penalty in some places for practicing  earth-based spirituality and healing  was torture or rape, then death.    

In a temple in what is now known as France lived a community of priestesses practicing the way of the Mother(earth).  They had done so for as long as recorded history in peaceful service to the villages of the area, healing the sick and tending lovingly to the spiritual needs of the people.  Word came of a growing and violent movement that was sweeping across Europe to eradicate all goddess earth-based religions.  The call was to destroy all sacred texts, icons, and symbols and to kill all the priestesses in order to destroy the knowledge forever.  

The High Priestess, alerted in a dream that this darkness was to come to her village ten years hence, had secretly been training a handmaiden in all the ancient ways of the priestess.  No one knew about this, not even the other priestesses in the temple, as the teachings took place privately in the High Priestess’s chambers every night.  One night, receiving the word that the men had arrived from away to kill all the priestesses and to destroy all their scrolls and relics, the High Priestess sent her handmaiden out into the night, knowing the men would follow her.  She gave the handmaiden  the most ostentatious object of the temple, a scepter encrusted with jewels including a giant ruby and instructed her to hide it in the hills.  As expected, the men followed the handmaiden, noticing her clutching to her chest a large object wrapped in woven rag cloth.   They waited for her to bury the object and did not kill her, not wanting to alert the priestesses that they had arrived to plunder the temple, and surely a lowly servant woman dressed in a drab tunic would be of no threat to their plans. They took the scepter, feeling smug and triumphant.  

When the handmaiden returned to the temple, the priestesses were waiting. Quickly, they offered her a man’s cloak and disguise, money and food, and she was sent on a journey to the shore to board a boat that was sailing to the New World.  The priestesses knew that their time had ended, and that if they were to flee or hide, it would only mean the men would punish the villagers and burn their fields which were soon to be harvested.  When the men arrived, the priestesses were waiting, sitting quietly in the candlelight in a circle, each with a small vile of poison to speed their deaths.   As the men broke in with great violence, the women in unison drank from their viles and passed from this world speedily and peacefully, the men none the wiser that their deeds hadn’t been the cause. 
Meanwhile, the handmaiden was successful in her journey.  None on the ship, who were all gruff and hearty men, had noticed she was a woman.  She seemed to fade into the background, and none could really recall having known or interacted with her.  The High Priestess had assured her this would happen, that to those of a different vibration, it would be as if she was not there.   It is not that she would be literally invisible, just unnotable and irrelevant to their own ambitions and interests.  When the handmaiden arrived in the New World, as instructed, she sought out her ancient kin, the Hopi.  I say ancient kin as both of their clans had descended from the Priest and Priestess lines of Atlantis, and had fled to all corners of the earth during the big flood.  Not only could the Hopi ”see” her, but the union of their wisdom brought affirmation and strength to what they each knew and remembered.  The true knowledge was saved and strengthened by the reunion. The ancient way was kept safe.  

I tell this story because the wisdom that was embraced at that time was that of vibration, although the people saw it more as natural rhythms and a respect for the sacredness and wisdom of nature.  The High Priestess knew that the men coming to kill her would be looking for “things” and for “people of power.”  They would not recognize or be able to see the truth that resides within, only the outer priestess robes, the trappings and symbols.  Therefore, one person of true wisdom, protected by the cloak of humility and anonymity, could pass completely unnoticed.  

I believe we in 2012 are connected quite intimately to that time, the time when the meek was forced to go underground, saved by hiding the magic of our natural quantum identity.  This is the time of fruition – the time of fulfilling the promise “the meek shall inherit the earth.”  The meek are those in touch with the lightness of being – the quantum “wave” aspect of spaciousness, spirit, freedom, and expansion.  We are “She Who Knows,” she who has kept the knowledge safe until this time of rebalancing.  It is the divine feminine and the indigenous wisdom speaking freely and openly again, the part of us connected with the flow of the natural world able to breathe fully again.  But because the majority still slumber under the delusion of particle identity, we are departing from societal norms of competition and lack,  tapping into an alternate reality  that not everyone can understand.  Because of this, we may be “invisible” for a while longer, but this should not be our concern.  We have bought our own freedom and soon others will notice, trust, and follow.  From our place of freedom and expanded identity,  the game of greed, lack, ego, lust, competition, and control feel out of place and small, no longer befitting the connected, whole, peaceful beings we are finding ourselves to be.  When in our “wave” awareness, nothing can touch us or harm us, for we are literally part of the One that embraces and accesses the all.  We cannot be offended and we cannot fail.  Everything in our journey takes on a sacred purpose, even the experiences our particle awareness would have formerly labeled as challenging or unwelcome.   We have what we need, we are connected to the all, we are at peace with the cosmos and feel no need to convince anyone that we are right.  We know we are enough and that we have enough.   We move swiftly and bring our potent presence, our inward “I Am that I Am” authority, and our great loving awareness that we are all one, to change the harmonics of any situation.  We need not rely on outer trappings and titles to do so.  People feel our groundedness, our purity, our love, our light. In comparison to these, any trappings are mere child’s play.
Just last weekend, on an obscure cable news show came the announcement that an invisibility cloak  like that in the Harry Potter story has been perfected by researchers at Duke University.  There were several photos of people holding the cloaks in front of them.  I was astounded.  With further research,  I found that not only had this technology been around for some time, yet not quite perfected, it had been made public to the science community the month before, but that no major news outlets had picked it up.   How interesting, I thought, to leak it out now and so quietly.  Why now?  I believe it is part of the controlled leak towards shifting the paradigm to the quantum perspective.  I believe it is done begrudgingly and as a last resort because we are soon to realize so many advances in a very short time that it could truly be a shock.  For some reason, we seem to need affirmation of what we already know spiritually by “proving” it through science.  But why wait? We can access this directly, NOW.   As for cloaking, it reminded me that we already know how to do this vibrationally, and have been doing it for thousands of years.  Ironically, just as we learn publically that invisibility cloaks are real, we find we no longer have a need for them.