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Today, Grieve. Then Get Ready to Become the Change.

Nature reminds us that what looks like a death is an invitation to new life…

Today, Grieve.  Then Get Ready to Become the Change.

By Laurie McCammon

Today is day one post-election for US President.  I was supposed to travel to Massachusetts today to give a talk about the transformative power of the word, “enough.”  I am not going.  

It is not because I am disheartened or despondent, because I am not. I know this may seem odd to say, or even heartless perhaps, but I am holding a larger, stronger vision in my heart, and to me it is far more real and long-lasting than these election results. It is not denial. It is not spiritual bypassing. It is that I have truly unhooked from the Old Story and am firmly rooted in the new. And from this new vantage point, I have something to say. I have strength and positivity in spades to lend, but taking a step back, I realize that most people are not in a place to receive it - at least, not today, not yet.

Let me explain.

My work has been about detecting patterns and tuning into systems as a way to both explain what is going on in our world historically and currently, and to predict what the future trends will be. From my perspective, today is not about bringing my hopeful and deeply grounding message to others.  Why?  Because the majority (if not the entirety) of people I serve are in shock. This is the truth of it, and shock requires space and deep listening, not a talking head speaking about “enough.”

What I know is that this is not a time for speaking a grand new vision, but for being fully present to express and receive our shock and grief and the shock and grief of those around us. A time for hugs, tears and going into the silence. 

Taking the time to go into the silence this morning myself, I was immediately guided to look up the stages of grief, both to inform my decision to postpone my workshop today, but also to understand the election results in general.  What I found has brought me a sense of peace and empowerment which allows my heart to expand and hold space for both those in grief and those angry, fearful Americans who have placed their hopes and expectations in one man - the President-elect.

Below is a summary of those thoughts, which I hope will serve as a glimmer of truth and hope during these dark days of shock, grief and loss.  Despite how things look at the moment, there is no doubt that we are moving into a new world.  From the biggest possible perspective, I want to assure you that who is at the helm as the old world dies is relatively inconsequential. In fact, there is certain kind of synergy about it being a male who perfectly symbolizes the greed, prejudice, entitlement and narcissism of the patriarchy that is dying.  Better that than another woman being burned slowly at the stake for the sins of the patriarchy. As a woman myself, this would have been extremely painful for me to witness in the coming months and years.

I want to tell you, people, that the far bigger news on the horizon is Standing Rock.  This I know deeply in my bones.  Watch what is happening there. You will need to be on social media to know what is going on, because the corporate-owned media has been doing its best to downplay it.  Tribes from all over the world are gathering there. This is a global movement. This is a movement started by women, the fulfillment of a prophecy of the native people of Earth coming together to defeat the "black snake" which they now realize is a symbol for the oil pipelines.  

Standing Rock is a nexus of creation of the new world in another way, as it is100% coherent with the principles of "enough" - protectors rather than protesters, prayers instead of violence, standing for all life, not just for whites, browns, blacks or even just the 99%, caring about future generations and Earth, not for today's profits. Please stand steady and know that the symbolism of the words "standing" and "rock" are no accident. They are a clarion call to our souls to stand together, to stand solid, with each other and with our deepest values of love and compassion, to stay grounded in the simple, basic truths of life, resisting being drawn into the mind-numbing and heart-numbing lies, drummed-up fears and accusations swirling all around us to manipulate our behavior, to divide and conquer us, to make us believe there is not enough and we are not enough. 

Standing Rock.  Stand your ground. Stay grounded. Reaffirm love and compassion and interconnectedness with one another and Earth. Know that the deep source of strength is in our togetherness and belonging to one another and Earth, in our sisterhood and brotherhood at the level of essence. Together we rise. Divided we fall.  Watch the coalition of love building at Standing Rock.  Join it if you can, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.  It is what is real. It is what is solid. It nourishes your soul. It is coherent with your deepest wisdom about what is good and what is right. And it is powerful beyond measure.  

Today and in the days ahead, grieve for however long you need to, but then join me, join us in laying the foundations of a new world, a world in which there is enough for everyone, including for future generations and Earth herself.  Remember: the new has always, always been birthed from the fertile fringes, never from the seats of old power. It is so easy to forget that!

When the time is right, I will be ready to share with you how “enough” is the catalyst and the unifying theme of this emerging new world.  I have a very important message to deliver: one which I feel will be needed more than ever. 

Until then, do your inner grief work, be kind to yourselves and others, and know that planetary change is first and foremost an inside job.  It begins with moving through the five stages of grief at the right pace for you, letting go of the old world, and clearing the decks to be a more powerful co-creator of the new. We choose our story with every thought, every emotion we indulge.  You can either believe you are powerful or powerless, that humanity is bad or good.  When you are ready to know how powerful you are, the Enough Message is a tool you will want in your toolbox.

You, me, we are the hidden hope in this election result. In fact, the result has no bearing whatsoever on the global outcome.  We have always been the hidden hope, and our consciousness and spiritual maturity are steadily rising, blossoming, interconnecting.

We truly are enough for this very time on Earth.  Even if you maybe can't believe it just yet, I will hold this truth and this space for a better world as my choice, my perspective. A much better world is coming.  This I can assure you.

Laurie McCammon

Read here my  Facebook post  this morning about grief:

As we process the election results, it occurred to me that not only will those around us be going through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining/guilt, depression/sadness, acceptance), but perhaps what the election shows us is that we as a country and world have been going through these stages in general as our world deteriorates environmentally and economically.  The old economy has been dying and first we had denial, but now the majority are waking up (wikileaks, scandals, bank fraud, etc.) and this means anger is the first step towards letting go of the old and embracing the new.  Anger arises as a search to lay blame on anyone and anything but oneself. It is messy. The next stage of bargaining has also begun – trading a non-establishment vote for the possibility of a different world. But what is establishment and what is not? In bargaining, we must come to terms with this on a much deeper level than we have. The irony of electing a man who perfectly represents the greed and narcissism at the core of our crumbling economy is not lost on me. We cannot skip steps, so maybe this is the hidden message behind this election, that humanity IS moving from denial to anger and bargaining, and this is actually a sign of movement and progress. Can those of us who dwell in peace and love, those who moved through our anger at the old world and into greater action and empowerment,  hold a space for the future to be born, AND space enough for the necessity for others to make the auspicious move from denial to anger and bargaining?  We are getting there.  Really.

Graphic for you of the Stages of Grief:

Laurie McCammon is author and teacher of  Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word by Conari Press (April, 2016) Comments welcome

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